Time.nft Manifesto

In the reality of the world we are living in, value is something intrinsic to the things that surround us. The difficulty with which people interface with it and its many facets undermines the quiet life and our society as a whole. In order to avoid that the inability of people to quantify the value of things could create inequalities between the parties, humanity invented money: this tool allows to immediately estimate the value of things, making man to understand whether something has value or not depending on the price at which it is exposed.

The reality, as can be easily understood, is very different. Money pretends to replace the value dilemma by simply shifting the perspective: people, by relying on the price, believe they are buying a good of equivalent value. By avoiding choice, people believe they are curbing the problem. But as Kierkegaard teaches us, non-choice is itself a choice that carries with it all the frustrations of an actual choice.

Why should such a value dilemma be a problem worthy of consideration? Answer: because of the consequences it brings to people’s lives. The absence of choice and the suspension of judgment in the element of value create frustration in the fearful man, a man unable to give meaning to his life because it is slave to a material reality of appearance that completely eliminates the reality of being. We live only for what we possess, in the continuous search for something that will never satisfy us.

What purpose, what answer to all this? Revolution, time, malleable bodies. You. Your life. Your existence on this planet, in this moment.

Only man is able to understand what is his personal purpose in the world, and it is a path that he is able to take only through an overall vision towards what is life in all its manifestations. In front of a material and tangible reality, everything is cancelled to collimate in a simple idea: time.

Time is everything that intrinsically expresses value, everything that really matters and that has such a malleability that it can even be wasted. But without a real conception of time and the value attached to it, man is unable to understand who he is. Past and future do not matter, they are simple projections respectively internal and external of a dimension that no longer exists or does not yet exist. Only the present matters and only by understanding its importance can one truly be the master of one’s own life.

If these words have made you think and you still have many questions, you are in the right place. Time.nft wants to be the first step to allow people to find a horizon in their lives that they thought they had lost. Time.nft is a warning not to stand still in front of a changing reality and an invitation to be masters of their own destiny. Time.nft is a community of people who have really understood how to overcome the anguish of existence.

“Non accipimus brevem vitam sed fecimus, nec inopes eius sed prodigi sumus” — Seneca, De Brevitate Vita

Welcome to your new beginning.





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